Precision Oncology Consultants

Using genetic sequencing and personalized scientific research, we provide cancer patients with the most accurate cancer tests and most effective treatments available in the world – through their current oncologist, right at home.
"I was impressed with the research and knowledge Alex has. He’s explained everything along the way; I’ve come to trust him implicitly. He always gives me hope, which is a huge benefit." – Damian, colon cancer survivor

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Better Survival Rates

Ctoam Patient Survival Statistics

The graph above clearly shows the incredible, life-extending benefits of Cancer Treatment Options and Management's unique precision oncology services with patients who were, according to their Oncologist, fairly far along in their cancer progression: They had been diagnosed with Stage IV cancers and had already tried one or more forms of treatment as prescribed by their oncologist.

We stepped in with our unique precision oncology process and we made sure our patients got access to the treatments that, our research showed, were going to provide them with the greatest benefit.

The result?

As you can see, even our Stage IV patients live significantly longer lives than they would have with standard cancer care. In fact, many have lived for years, and counting.

Now, just imagine what we can do for those who come to us in the early stages of their cancer.

You don’t have to travel! (Read more)

You don’t have to change doctors! (Read more)

You don’t have to guess or hope that treatment is working, you’ll know! (Read more)

Find out more about how precision oncology can help you, today!

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"Personalised management is considered as the future of cancer care: medicine aiming at giving patients the best treatment according to their personal medical history, their physiological status, and the molecular characteristics of their tumours."
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Targeted Therapies

Due to time and budget constraints, current standard oncological practices unfortunately continue to rely heavily on informed guesswork and general chemotherapy and radiation. Imprecise tests (basic blood tests and ultrasounds) are the standard diagnostic practice in Canada at this time, despite the fact that these tests are unable to differentiate a cancerous tumour from a non-cancerous one.

Standard Chemotherapy

Targets all of the rapidly reproducing cells in your body, including healthy cells like hair cells and immune cells

Has strong side effects (grade 3 and 4)

Targeted Cancer Therapies

Only target cells that are carrying cancerous mutations

Are less invasive, and have fewer and less severe side effects (grade 1 and 2)

Ensure that only the cancerous cells are dying, not the healthy ones

We hear so many stories of failed cancer treatments – and of the agonizing experience of chemo – and yet it doesn't have to be this way. Cancer care has evolved far beyond basic blood tests, ultrasound, CT scans, and standard chemotherapy and radiation.

The Fastest Cancer Testing and Treatment

Oftentimes, with standard care, you need to wait anywhere between 4 to 6 weeks – and often longer – just to get your first appointment with an oncologist. And scheduling surgery can easily take just as long.

  • Time is crucial with cancer: Because of the speedy nature of both precision oncology and private companies, Cancer Treatment Options and Management is able to provide our clients with much faster results. Within the time it takes you to get an appointment with your oncologist, we will have discovered everything you and your oncologist need to know about your form of cancer to ensure you have the greatest chance of success.
  • Get the right tests and treatment ASAP: With our help, you can show up to your first oncologist appointment with your test results in hand – along with an easy-to-read research report that identifies the FDA approved targeted treatments that will be best for you.
  • Access treatment at home, at little cost: Our medical team will work directly with your oncologist or primary care physician to gain you access to the treatment you need as close to home and for as close to free as possible.

In other words: if you call us when you are diagnosed with cancer, you will already have a targeted treatment plan (that you can begin right away) by the time you have your first appointment with your oncologist. Our specialists make it easy for your doctor to have all the information and peer-reviewed scientific data they need to feel confident exploring the treatment options our research has identified.

Medical Breakthroughs in Cancer Treatment and Management

The good news is that medical science has made many advancements since these types of tests and treatments. There now exist:

  • Advanced imaging techniques, like PET/CT scans, that can pinpoint exactly where the cancer is in a person's body, without a doubt
  • Detailed genetic panels and liquid biopsies that show us exactly what mutations are causing your cancer to grow
  • Literally, hundreds of targeted therapy treatments that are designed to specifically target only the cancerous cells, and leave your healthy cells alone.

The bad news is that these tests and treatments are not currently accessible, for the most part, via mainstream health care in North America. In Europe, organizations like ESMO are leading the way to ensure precision oncology becomes integrated into standard health care. And in North America, private companies like CTOAM are stepping up to ensure that the most advanced genomic tests and targeted treatments in the world are accessible to cancer patients who need them now.

In the future, precision oncology will absolutely be the standard in cancer treatment, beyond doubt. It is just a matter of time until mainstream health care has enough budget and time to integrate it.

In the meantime, there is Cancer Treatment Options and Management.

Your Personal Assistant in Precision Oncology

CTOAM also acts as your personal assistant throughout the entire process of your treatment. Our medical teams takes care of everything for you and stays in constant contact, available to answer any of your questions or concerns. This includes:

  • Facilitating all of your diagnostic testing
  • Identifying treatment recommendations
  • Monitoring your treatment
  • Making any necessary course corrections
  • Advocating on your behalf with doctors, pharmaceutical companies, and insurance companies
  • Consulting regularly with your oncologist
  • Ensuring you and your loved ones have emotional support

Time is of the essence with us now for your Precision Second Opinion.

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The Most Affordable Precision Oncology Services at Home

Hands of the World

The services provided by our research scientists, lab partners, and care team are also offered by the Mayo Clinic in the U.S. at double the price, on average. Likewise, the same services are offered by European cancer treatment centers at a higher cost, plus travel expenses and disruption to your daily life. At Cancer Treatment Options and Management, our specialists provide these exact same advanced services for you, wherever you are located.

So you can stay home and access the same service at half the cost of those offered elsewhere in the world.

This is a brand new model that Cancer Treatment Options and Management has created for cancer care in Canada, and it is the future of precision oncology treatment.

And remember that because Canadian privacy laws are so strong (and CTOAM is a Canadian company), all of your medical records and data that we discover remain strictly confidential until you give permission to share them.

Is Your Current Cancer Treatment Not Working?

In cancer, how fast and how accurately you act can make all the difference between life and death.

We’ve had clients who’d been told by standard medicine that there was nothing more that could be done – that the next step was palliative care. And then they came to CTOAM. After our cancer care specialists used their advanced diagnostic and imaging tests and coordinated a targeted therapy regime with the client’s doctor, the client’s tumours shrunk significantly – to the point where surgery could be performed, and in other cases, no surgery was necessary. They went from palliative care to full recovery, and are still healthy and happy years later. This is the advantage of precision oncology.

It’s a fact: you have a better chance of recovery with precision oncology’s targeted treatment options than with current standard treatment. With personalized cancer research & oncogenomics, Cancer Treatment Options and Management covers all aspects of your cancer – from its unique genetic heritage to lifestyle and environmental factors that may have influenced its development – to provide you with access to the best possible treatment options for your form of cancer.

Just imagine, within two weeks of becoming our client, you can be moving forward with a targeted cancer therapy – one that you know is right for you – and feeling confident that you are doing the very best that you can to beat cancer and get back to enjoying life to the fullest.

Please email or call us today to get more information. Register for a Precision Second Opinion to discover how we can help you to reduce stress and dramatically increase treatment success. If you know anyone who's received a cancer diagnosis, please share this page with them.